The importance of women in society’s spheres of influence.

None of the cultures of ancient China, India, or the Middle East produced science; modern science on which the whole world now operates is a Western invention (Jaki, 1990). Most ancient cultures were non-Christian, and the advent of Christianity correlates with the birth of science around the fourteenth century AD. This monumental historical fact didn’t occur in non-Christian societies because of a lack of talent; instead, according to Sir Winston Churchill, Islam is as dangerous to anyone as rabies in a dog. Wherever the followers of the Prophet Mohammed rule or live, society fails to thrive. Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of Islam paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No more vital backward force exists in the world.
Take a peek at inventions by faith. This chart can also be interrupted along the lines of the societies demonstrating oppression and inequality for women (i.e., non-Christian) compared to organizations with decreased oppression and increasing equality for women (i.e., Christian).
(NB. This chart in no way reflects a complete list).

In an obscure 1932 text titled Civilization, Clive Bell discussed the position of women in civilized societies and what he saw as the connection between women, culture, and the means to civilization. Bell proposed that in communities that thrive best, the virtues of womanhood flourish, while organizations that subvert feminine integrity fail to thrive. Bell had recognized that:

‘…women being, in more ways than one, the obvious means to civility, a civilization must remain lop-sided and incomplete. And that without an admixture of femininity to masculinity … a culture must remain lop-sided and incomplete’.
(Clive Bell)

In more ways than one, women are the obvious means of civility that Bell claimed they are via their attitudes, values, sensitivity, perception, intuition, wit, subtlety, devotion, and perversity. The addition of some new-age or neo-androgyny is also crucial to individual male and female well-being.
According to Sir Winston Churchill, Islam; is the utmost oppressor of any people. Islam deprives a Muslim’s life of its grace and refinement (music, female beauty) and its self-worth and purity. Men wrote the Koran for the sexual slavery of their women. In Islam, every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine. Islam’s oppression of women is sexual slavery in its purest form.
Arguably, support for a society’s ‘failure to thrive’ can be found today in many dysfunctional countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East stuck in a permanent state of conflict. This fact is hardly surprising when one considers that patriarchy (i.e., male supremacy backed by force) began in the Middle East some ten thousand years ago.
Bell highlighted that societies consist of people of both sexes. He also noted the connection between the presence of women in spheres of influence as the barometer of social health. Bell suggested that Societies that subvert feminine virtue fail to thrive. The foundations of progress are thus destroyed in imperfect non-egalitarian societies and where psychopathology may result from the denial of the nature of individuals, further suggesting the status of women in non-Christian cultures is impoverished.
Clive Bell’s discussion of the position of women in civilized societies had recognized that in advancing communities, the virtues of women flourished. By contrast, Bell asserted that women of non-Christian cultures would remain oppressed and impoverished ‘…until they have got the work of mother and housewife put on precisely the same footing as that of a mechanic or barrister’. Classic examples of over masculinized societies are those where men deny access to a woman by whatever means he chooses. These cultures are about the men who ‘own’ women and ferocious control of women’s bodies.
The Western world had its ‘Reformation’ in the 16th century and thrived. Patriarchy has passed its use-by date, and as the real keepers of life on earth, women have been and are the apparent means to civility.
The Harvard historian Professor Niall Ferguson claims very convincingly that the continuing success of Western civilization lies in its adherence to things such as elected governance, the freedom of its citizens (both male and female, of course), the freedom to make personal choices and own private property, consumerism, to the protection of everyone provided by the rule of law and driven by fair and decent values. Despotic parts of the world are yet to do the same, including Russia, which has sent itself back into the immoral dark ages, along with the world of young, disaffected white men within Incel culture, the vehemently misogynistic America First Foundation.



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