The final 12 [famous] quotes from Becky.

1. Music can equal medicine as an antidepressant.

2. All humans have complicated lives, but very few have as difficult a time as those in the trans community.

3. In societies where women are regarded as the cause of their own abuse, oppressed and forcibly required to cover up under the auspices of being for their own good, is supreme blasphemy itself.

4. A relationship with a person to whom your history makes little or no difference is regarded as the Holy Grail for trans people.

5. Wine is as good a lubricant as KY jelly, figuratively speaking.

6. To spur me on while I undress for someone who has paid to watch, I dream of getting undressed for someone I love.

7. It empowers me to learn what good men have achieved across time, but it is negated by their level of harm: past, present — not to mention the future — especially regarding the oppression of women across the centuries; women never obtain complete sovereignty over their bodies.

8. Intimacy is life support for romantic relationships, without it any couple remain basically at the level of close friends.

9. Life itself is its own journey and not a means to an end.

10. Patriarchy is the history of the world, especially when it comes to issues of sexuality and violence in every culture. Every trans woman reaches this conclusion quickly. And it goes without saying not every man is inherently bad. However the harm done by the few is widespread and grossly disproportionate to their numbers.

11. The passage of years witnessing contentment, pain, suffering, and happiness in others as well as in oneself, builds a maturity that can provide a time horizon far enough ahead to see hope.

12. Despite religious, moral, or other prudish edicts about modesty as male-defined, women are decorative and will always provide half the beauty in the world; pretty is as pretty does.

Interests in issues of sex, gender, and psychological androgyny.