A question comes over my mobile, “Can you be my new bride for the evening and come in a wedding dress?”
“As long as it doesn’t involve domination or submission, yes, I can hire a dress.”
The fancy dress shop had a wedding dress recently returned from the dry cleaner, not only that, it came with a short practical veil. I couldn’t wait to get it home. I never bothered with trying things on: I was a near perfect judge of size and stuff always fitted. It’s a knack like some people can find car spaces easily. I would surprise my client by not wearing underwear. Besides, there was enough cloth in the dress to clothe four people. Stepping into it by myself was a struggle, but worth the effort, as I did look the part. This is a cute fantasy. Getting into my 4x4 carrying a wedding dress without stepping on it, tearing it, or rubbing it in something dirty, was challenging. On the drive to his home, I covered my shoulders with a wrap so as not to look like an abandoned bride.
“Oh, wow! Perfect. I wish it were for real.”
We shared a bottle of expensive white wine, some vintage cheese, and a fair few laughs, before he picked me and the wedding dress up, carrying us across the threshold to his bedroom. We undressed on opposite sides of the bed. I lifted the wedding dress over my head before I caught a glimpse of his penis. It looked big, though he was not fully excited. When he noticed I wasn’t wearing underwear, he soon stiffened.
As he lay on his back on the bed, he invited me to get on my knees on top. I liked that position; I could lean in to kiss a man almost anywhere. What’s more, I stayed in control. I rubbed my stomach across his enlarged member; he kissed my nipples ever so nicely. I took hold of him and squeezed, till he became rock hard. This feels big. I best have a look.
I twist around; Geez, I hope that fits. I spun back and applied the condom he handed me. Girl on top? No. He pushed me over, penetrating vanilla style, till he came. I enjoyed his thick fullness, but an orgasm evaded me.

Interests in issues of sex, gender, and psychological androgyny.

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