Unquestionably, our highest pleasure is built from romantic love and sex. If you can combine the two, then it is akin to being in heaven while here on earth — a version of an out-of-body experience if you like. The orgasm itself is both a blessing and a curse as either a motivator for good or evil.


The Taliban lost touch with humanity and any trace of human kindness the day they came into being. My heart is bleeding for Afgani women and girls. I think what the Taliban spokesman was trying to say last Tuesday was: The issue of men is a very important issue. The Islamic Imoran believes that we have rights for men in Islam, all our brothers, all our men are secure. Our God, our Koran says that men are a very important part of our society; they can work, they can get education, they are needed in our society, and they will…

Aka—The performance of Gender.

We have to thank the American philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler for the notion of ‘doing gender.’ Butler’s theory argues gender is merely a performance. Of course that is still in debate, but she did have a point. Consider for example these aspects of learnt gender performance (regardless and independent of brain sex). These behaviors form the basis of our gender stereotypes:

Female speech

Soft. Receptive. More consensual and less dictatorial, more people focused, tend to speak more slowly, use more canter, emphasize through pitch, clear enunciation, wide dynamic range, more tag questions, more identifiers…

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I was once a shortish, chubby, quiet, shy teenager with an element of social anxiety by male standards. My nickname at school was, indeed, Chubby. I was the heaviest baby of three, carrying a little extra baby fat through the school years. By female standards, I am a tallish, slim, outgoing blonde. People comment, “You’re drop-dead gorgeous”, “Now there’s a pretty face”, “You’re a good-looking woman”. Perhaps Marilyn Monroe’s unspoken mantra that Beauty is a Duty reminded me of her other line, Don’t you know that being rich is like a woman being pretty. You don’t have to be rich…

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Mother Nature does not recognise the words bigotry or prejudice. These are social concepts to do with ignorance and power over others. Not last century nor this century nor any other century was being trans a crime against God, nor a falling out with God. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, not a genetically transmitted disease, nor the result of a sinful life; but a birth variation like many others, with rights to what medical support is available. Some have claimed that if being trans is not a disorder, then it doesn’t need treating. A migraine, toothache, or pregnancy problems are not disorders, but they too benefit from treatment.

1. Music can equal medicine as an antidepressant.

2. All humans have complicated lives, but very few have as difficult a time as those in the trans community.

3. In societies where women are regarded as the cause of their own abuse, oppressed and forcibly required to cover up under the auspices of being for their own good, is supreme blasphemy itself.

4. A relationship with a person to whom your history makes little or no difference is regarded as the Holy Grail for trans people.

5. Wine is as good a lubricant as KY jelly, figuratively speaking.

6. To…

The real heroes and heroines of this world are not narcissistic and happy to go about their good work un-noticed. Notably, according to the Bible, the second commandment states; 'You shall make no idols.' So under this commandment, celebrities can do their thing without the necessity for celebrity worship, unless they have achieved like Einstein, Hawkings, or planted 1000 trees. Admiration is all the rest deserve, not glorification

In contrast to catwalk androgyny, the charisma and behavioral versatility of Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe provide real-life symbolism of androgyny. A reading of Marilyn and Britney’s journey can be illuminating in exploring the genetic and social sculpturing of individuals. The imagery of these 20th and 21st century doyennes is very relevant today.

Sarah Churchwell suggests Marilyn was a hyper-mediated product, invented for the gratification of the 1950s male. Marilyn’s life has been variously documented as one of gender-role acceptance, gender-role ambivalence, and one of anger. However, a contradictory view of Marilyn as an inspiring role model is also possible…

I have found the best validation comes from those who don't know my past life and only know me as a woman. I have also found the opinions of those who know are biased by the very fact that they know, therefore they mean little to me.

For the thoughtful and sexually adventurous.

1. As a western woman, life doesn’t exist without mirrors.

2. I think every woman should retain a touch of melancholy in her heart with some thunder and lightning in her thighs.

3. Driven by male-centred ideologies or religions, along with out of control testosterone, isn’t warfare humanity’s greatest disgrace, the real downfall of societies?

4. Without the 40+ million sex-workers across the whole wide world, men’s necessity to relieve their carnal desires would implode.

5. Some 93% of the world’s population have No identity issues.

6. Changing one’s sex is outside the normal…

Rebecca Juely

Interests in issues of sex, gender, and identity development..

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